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Find all the resources we have found or created here. From volunteer opportunities to environmental-education games. 

American River
Soil Born

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Snowline Hospice Thrift Store:

Where: 616 E Bidwell St, Folsom, CA 95630

When: Hours and days are up to you

Learn more about the donation process at Snowline (how they decide whether a donation goes in the store or to the landfill). See it first hand how it works. All the sales from the thrift store help with the hospice, helping patients with grief or ending life comfortably and happily. The positions you can help out with is endless and up to you from sorting donations to organizing the store. 

American River Cleanup:

Where: Depends on the "event" you choose

When: Depends on the "event" you choose

Help cleanup the American River any time and day that works for you. They have a calendar of available volunteer opportunities on their website (click here), and it's a one-time deal. There's no commitment, but it'll always be appreciated. 

Soil Born Farms:

Where: American River Ranch, 2140 Chase Dr, Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

When: Depends on the "volunteer group" that you choose

Learn more about the sustainable farming at this farm. There are also events that you can purely learn from in an hour or two. The volunteer experience provides a more hands-on experience to farming. This is a very unique farm in its community outreach and sustainability. Learn more here about volunteering. Click here to see the events.

Matching Stats & Solutions Game:

Print out this document to replicate this game we do during our club events. There are 6 statistics and 6 solutions to lessen the problem on the statistic. The goal of the game is to match them up. The cards that are supposed to match are right next to each other. Print it out and cut each one out to scramble it up. Have fun! 

Sorting "Trash" Game:

This game is great for kids under 12. The point of the game is to sort the trash into three different "buckets:" recycling, yard waste/compost, and landfill. Enjoy!

Matching Game
Sorting Game
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