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End of Semester 1!

Welcome back! I hope you are all having a good holiday season! I cannot believe the first semester is over, but I'm excited to begin expanding next semester!

Week 10 - More Showcase Practice

Last post ended with the first week of practice for our class's end of semester showcase. During this week, I continued to tweak the batter for the tempura. In the first picture, the pieces on the left were made with a way thicker batter (I added more flour and cornstarch), but they didn't retain their crispness well, so we decided to go with a looser batter in the end. In the next picture, we tried making our noodles blue by adding Butterfly Pea Powder (a type of blue flower) and it worked! We finalized our recipe for the udon, and I felt good about the tempura recipe going into the following week!

Week 11 - Even More Practice!

No pictures of food from this week, but I did figure out that the tempura batter was better with a higher ratio of corn starch to flour. The final ratio of cornstarch to flour was 4:3. This week, we mostly prepped our udon dough for the following week, which would be when our final would take place. We also made our menu!

Week 12 - Final Showcase!

Our final class of Garde Manger! I had a lot of fun frying all the tempura (and made an absolutely gigantic mess in the process). Overall, our dish turned out really well. We dressed the udon with a chili oil, ponzu sauce and topped it with fried garlic, sesame, green onion, nori, and tempura. Besides forgetting the Butterfly Pea powder, everything went great! We had a ton of leftover squash that went straight into the compost bucket too.

Photography Class

I decided to do tempura themed photos for my photography class's final too because I am so original. I learned that photography is definitely not for me (setting up the shots were a pain)!

If you made it this far and are a culinary student at OCSA, feel free to reach out to me at to join the club I'm starting next semester! See you next year, and thank you for reading my blogs!

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