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First & Second Week of Composting Complete!

First Week

The first week of composting was great because we were doing fruit carvings and had a lot of fruit scraps at the end of it. It was also really fun to have the kids at the community center help me move the buckets and clean them afterward!

Here is my group's fruit carving (we were trying to make a peacock on the the right haha):

Some of the pieces we put into the compost were too big (like the half a watermelon). Next time we have a lot of food scraps, I'll tell my friends to cut them into smaller pieces.

Second Week

The second week we had a lot less food waste because we were making bread. Egg shells and potato skins were the only compostable things.

Food waste being moved to the composting bins:

I look forward to composting more next week! I think we'll have more food waste than this week.

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