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Third & Fourth Week of Composting Complete!

Third Week

This week we made sandwiches! We had way more recipes to complete than usual, so our sandwiches didn't taste great, but it was still a valuable experience to know we need to work faster in the future. The tomatoes were probably the best part haha!

A ton of bread was left over because most people did not bring containers to bring it home. Thankfully, it is compostable, so it didn't completely go to waste. Maybe we should also donate to a shelter because it still felt like a waste to turn the bread into compost.

Afraid that it might attract pests, we buried the bread in the middle of the compost pile, and I saw so many Rollie Pollies in the compost when we lifted up the more recent food scraps. Will make sure to take a picture to show you guys in the next post! The completed compost looks super nutrient-rich! We also had a lot of vegetable and fruit scraps which were great for compost!

Left to right: Veggie, Brisket, Meatball, Reuben, Turkey and Swiss

Fourth Week

This week we made appetizers! It was a very wide variety of things unlike last week: samosas, crab cakes, melon soup (it was better than it sounds), tomato soup, and ceviche. The melon soup was honestly my favorite recipe. We made a lime-flavored granite (shaved ice) which melted by the time we drank it, but it still tasted really good. We also definitely overcooked the tortilla chips haha!

We had a lot of fruit scraps from the melon soup and ceviche (which needed lime) and some eggshells from the crab cakes. When I went to the garden to drop the compost off, there were flattened cardboard boxes on the compost piles, which served as brown material (carbon-rich, dead materials like the straw put on top of our fresh compost) that balances the large amount of green material (fresh food) that I'm bringing every week. It could also be to keep the odors from spreading less and attracting flies.

Overall, another good 2 weeks of composting! I hope to expand composting to the other kitchens at school soon! Can't wait to share more with you guys in the next post!

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