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Our Projects 

We have many projects planned for this year and in the future to help make our high school, our community, and our world more environmentally sustainable. We also strive to educate our club members and the general public on environmentally related topics and issues.

All it takes is One Green Step to make a difference, and the ultimate goal we hope to achieve with our many projects is to inspire future generations to continue our steps towards a greener future. 

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Project 1.
Xeriscaping at Oak Ridge High School


We transformed this 2,600 square feet area from muddy grass to a usable, low water usage landscape. 

More Info: 

Oak Ridge has around 66,000 square feet of ornamental lawn that uses over 2 million gallons of water a year. This is one way that we can educate people about the importance of using native plants because it provides habitats and food for native organisms. 


We have officially finished our first section, and we are trying to do it in other areas of the school. 

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