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Winter Scenery

What We Support

See and learn about some of the businesses, non-profits, and books/YouTube Channels our club supports.




Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective sells women and mens' activewear. The clothes are made mainly from old plastic bottles. After you're done with your clothes, they have a recycling program to take in your old clothes from their brand. 

The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit that is trying clean up the ocean with technology. They are cleaning in rivers as well since most of the pollution in oceans come from about 1000 rivers.

One Small Step

One small step is a series on Now This Earth. It introduces a variety of a sustainable businesses, sustainable living, and interviews all ending with a way to make one small step.




TenTree, a sustainable clothing brand, works to have a carbon neutral company, which they have been done since 2020! They plant 10 trees for each item that is ordered, while creating clothes that are made with recycled materials. 



WWF, or the World Wildlife Fund, is a non-profit that works to protect and save wildlife in over 100 countries! They not only have been able to safe wildlife, but create sustainable living and markets.

Story of Stuff


The Story of Stuff is a book by Annie Leonard, published in 2011, that details the overconsumption on our planet. This book is great at explaining the problem, and providing solutions. 

Business That Made Projects Happen

Big Apple Bagels

apple .jpeg

Big Apple Bagels is an amazing bagel company located in the Safeway Shopping Center off of Francisco Dr. They allowed us the opportunity to do a bake sale outside of their company, and even donated! We would love if you showed support for their business. 

RP Concrete 


RP Concrete assisted us during our first xeriscaping project, by helping with the weed barrier, along with the beautiful boulders that line the bark! If you need any concrete work done, please look into their company! 

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