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Start a Club

Here's how we can help you start a One Green Step club at your own school!


Drawing on our experience with organizing a school club, we have created a handbook to help you establish a successful club. From organizing events to training officers, we got you covered.


For personalized support, and to strengthen our leadership community, we will have regular meetings with you and other club leaders. This time can be used for brainstorming ideas, resolving problems, or just as a space to share what you have been doing. 


As a nonprofit, we will help start your club with some funding. We will also help you plan effective fundraising events to ensure your club can become independently successful. 

Why Start a Club?

There are so many reasons!

Leadership Experience

Starting a One Green Step club is a supportive and low-stakes opportunity to gain leadership experience! Plus, it's a great way to demonstrate commitment and drive to internship programs and colleges.

Make a Difference

Make a difference by helping others get involved! Education and advocacy are rewarding, and feel so much better than simply watching and worrying about our planet. Remember, even one green step matters :)

Join a Community

Joining the One Green Step community will connect you with other students passionate about helping our planet! We'll regularly collaborate and offer resources and advice through meetings and our handbook.

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